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Commercial Real Estate

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Berkadia, one of the largest commercial real estate organizations, advertises its investment advisors.

“When you equip the right professionals with the right tools, the result is better investment outcomes. It is the power to make more informed investment decisions based on local real estate expertise, superior capital markets knowledge, and dialed-in research that uncovers opportunities and effective results for our clients.”

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Pet Loss Counselor Home Page

A licensed psychologist applies her trauma-counseling methodologies for clients who had their pets pass away.

“XXXX is the practice of XXXX, a licensed counselor working with clients who face grief from loss of a pet. Losing your beloved companion can produce an effect far beyond sadness. It often meets the clinical definition of trauma, a deeply distressing or disturbing experience that can impact other areas of your life.”

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Portable Power Bank Online Store

Home Page

Succinctly explaining the product and generating enthusiasm were the immediate challenges with this online store.

“Nothing’s more frustrating than when your mobile device runs out of batteries right in the middle of an important call or your favorite song. It always leaves you rolling your eyes, wishing you would’ve just remembered to charge up. Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid carrying around spare batteries for each of your mobile devices? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just recharge on the go whenever you needed? And convenience is just where it starts.”

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Health & Wellness Coach

About Page

Drawing an emotional connection with visitors comes via sharing this wealth & wellness counselor’s own story.

“Live Brilliant was born out of a difficult period in XXXX’s own life. Overweight and suffering from poor health, XXXX asked herself, “How do I want to live?” The answer came through a series of real, achievable steps. While maintaining her career as a registered nurse, XXXX earned recognitions including:”

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Driving School

About Page

Who wouldn’t want to attend driving school — when it’s staffed by stunt drivers?

“To professional stunt drivers, it’s about knowing what lies ahead. It’s important to identify hazards. Novice drivers tend to underestimate the crash risks in hazardous situations. It’s also important to know your limitations. Young drivers take more risks partly due to overconfidence in their abilities. Driver education with XXXX is developed to cover all aspects of driving.”

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Mexican Food Restaurant

About Page

Significant research and client interaction went into telling the story behind this Mexican food restaurant.

“For decades throughout Latino culture, people from all walks of life have relied on the humble street vendor for simple, wholesome food at affordable prices. In Mexico, you can often find lawyers standing shoulder to shoulder with laborers, as street food has become a staple for daily meals and late-night snacks alike. We established XXXX to bring the best of this tradition to the United States, yet with subtle refinements to blend with the modern American lifestyle.”

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